European Space Agency precision agriculture

Agriculture, Geo-information systems

We just started a very exciting innovation project called Quantified Farm with the European Space Agency. In this project we are working towards the next level in precision agriculture. We will fuse data from satellites, ground sensors, local weather stations, soil conditions, and crop models. 5G connectivity and AI algorithms will combine and enrich the data nearly real-time in order to provide farmers with 24/7 irrigation planning advice, early warnings, and variable rate application of fertilizers and crop protection. Our first target? A large potato farmer in Groningen within the 5Groningen Proeftuin.

Track32 is responsible for the computer vision software in this project, which operates on a combination of multiple satellites. We also contribute to the fusion of visual information with information coming from the ground sensors and other sources.

Quantified Farm is a collaboration between Track32, BEBR and AeroVision. The project receives its funding from the European Space Agency & 5Groningen Opportunity program.