Greenhouse monitoring drones


Together with Corvus Drones, we are developing autonomous drones that analyze plants in greenhouses. The system provides growers and breeders with valuable data. Available applications are: measuring germination rate, monitoring crop growth and digital phenotyping. Gathering such statistics still involves manual processes in most current greenhouses. Track32 is developing the computer vision software that analyzes the camera footage from Corvus’ drones. Our deep learning algorithms translate the images into meaningful information for growers and breeders (such as germination rate or leaf area per plant). The acquired information enables them to achieve cost savings, improve quality and optimize production.

With a data collection speed of 1 ha/hour the drone can cover a large area in a short time. After the flight the collected images will automatically be transported to a server where the analysis software extract useful information out of the data. The results are directly written into the ERP system.

See also our the Weed mapping drones project.