Custom high throughput scanning solution


Although the world is moving towards digitization, regular post still has its advantages. For a client that has to deal with large amounts of physical documents we developed a custom high throughput scanning solution.

In this case the items that need to be scanned can be made of paper, plastic, rubber, cardboard and other package material. Regular high troughput scanners cannot handle this. The scanner that we came up with consists of a regular PC with touchscreen running our custom software. Connected to the PC are high-end 4K webcams that are positioned above a table. The operator selects the project he is working on and lays the items on the table. He just has to press the scan button and the system takes care of the rest. It check whether items belong to an existing project. If so, the scans are sent to the back office system to be added to that project automatically. If not, the scans are sent to the back office as a new registration.

Our system uses some smart tricks to do all this, such as saliency detection, image optimization, several APIs, and an intuitive user interface. With this innovative high throughput scanning solution the client can scan large amounts of items even if the items are not made of regular paper.

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