Our Service.


& Delivery

Above any other working principle, we strive to deliver high-quality software solutions, to meet our customers' requests.

We are proud to integrate our business and technical 'know-how' into all our projects, no matter the scale, so our clients can fully exploit the power of artificial intelligence in a business or research environment.


Artificial intelligence is an extremely powerful resource which is currently leveraging business and research across a wide variety of applications. However, as in every tool, it is vital to exploit it effectively.

When developing such systems, Track32 provides consultancy services to assist our clients allowing for a fast progress and adoption of our software solutions.

Easy Street

At Track32 we produce custom-made algorithms specific for computer vision challenges.

Our experience with image analysis enables us to automate repetitive tasks, allowing for standardized, repeatable and replicable results.

In other words, our Easy Street products offer the freedom to invest your time in tasks worthy of attention.

Custom AI


We acknowledge the importance of our clients' projects. That is why we devise a tailor-made strategy for each project, hence ensuring that we follow the most suited approach when tackling complex challenges.

Each of our projects is carefully designed together with our clients, defining periodic meetings, milestones, deliverables and the most suitable approach.