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At the moment we are looking for a senior computer vision and AI developer. You can find a general job description below. If this peaks your interest, please bear in mind that we are specifically looking for a senior developer at the moment; with three or more years of relevant work experience; developing core computer vision & AI, and / or software integration.

We are always open for internships and thesis students. You can find our call for applications below  🙂

At Track32 we are always looking for new talent in various positions, including interns and thesis students. Are you dedicated, hardworking, tech savvy, and fun? Let's see if we are a good fit.

You will find our current career opportunities below. Do none of these opportunities fit you? Be brave and send us you resume anyway!



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Open career opportunities

Wanted: Computer Vision and AI Genius

We are looking for a computer vision and AI engineer to help maximize the value of the enormous amounts of data that we have at our disposal. As software engineer at Track32 you will work on cutting-edge features such as object detection & tracking, instance segmentation, 3D computer vision, spectral imaging, signal analysis, and AI on tabular data. We use image data from drones, satellites, stationary camera rigs, driving vehicles and even microscopes. For example, our software is used on camera controlled weeding machines, and on data coming from autonomous greenhouse drones. Besides this large variety of image data sources, we also work with interesting signal data and tabular data sources, as well as multimodal data combinations.

We are a small and independent team, working alongside small and large companies, universities and research institutes. This also means that we use a large variety of technologies, ensuring you benefit from collaborating with colleagues from different fields, and the freedom to experiment with new technologies. We work across multiple application domains, but we have a focus on agriculture, as we are a spin-off of Wageningen University. 

We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, eager to learn and has an open mind. Other things we can’t avoid mentioning and technically would make you a match made in heaven:

  • Analytic mindset.
  • Affinity with the agricultural sector.
  • Experience with machine / deep learning, computer vision, signal analysis, and tabular data AI.
  • Excellent understanding of AI principles and algorithms.
  • Experienced in Python and/or C++ (or similar programming languages).
  • Experienced with common libraries in the AI and computer vision ecosystem (e.g. PyTorch and OpenCV).
  • Experienced with common developer tools such as Git and VS Code.
  • University degree in AI, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biosystem Engineering or similar.

So why would you want to join us?

Because at Track32 you could be working on a variety of cutting edge computer vision and AI projects and products. We give you flexibility, responsibility, challenging projects, and we are great colleagues. There is a unique opportunity to turn an industry upside-down and to shape the future – in which you can play a big part.

At the World Food Centre in Ede next to the railway station we organize social events regularly. We work hard, but we also take care of each other. Balance is part of our lives – no matter if it’s family, travel, workouts, or anything else that makes you happy. Together, we go for the win – conquering the world, creating more value for our communities, step by step.

Want to join us on this adventure? Then send your CV and letter to info [at]

Next level Internship or Thesis

At Track32 we are always looking for enthusiastic students to do their internship or BSc / MSc thesis with us. So please get in touch if you want to do your internship or thesis at our exciting little AI start-up in Ede!
We make smart software based on computer vision and artificial intelligence. For example, we are working on an autonomous drone that monitors plant growth in greenhouses, and a camera controlled weeding machine. At any time we have a number of other interesting projects going on, to which you could contribute.
We accept applications from students at universities (internship, BSc thesis or MSc thesis), universities of applied science (HBO), and practical education (MBO). From study programs such as Software Development, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Biosystems Engineering, and others. Track32 is certified by as “erkend leerbedrijf” (acknowledged learning company). And we have lots of experience supervising and working together with students. At Track32 we work closely together as a team and we make sure that you get good support.
Things we look for in an intern or thesis student are: enthusiasm, the urge to learn, an analytic mindset, and some experience, and affinity with programming. We work mostly in Python (with the exception of front-end development) but experience in other languages is also welcome. Last but not least: familiarity with computer vision and AI. Don’t worry if you don’t have some of these skills, if you are willing to learn them.
You could work on the computer vision and AI software itself. Or on the integration thereof with hardware, a front-end, or a software toolkit for example.
Either on one of our ongoing projects, on something more generic, or in the direction of product development. We are also open to your own ideas (or ours) to make something fun or useful. Could be anything.
Interested? Get in contact via info [at]